• Mister Twister is an independent publication from Berlin. The theme of their third edition was Space.

  • Our idea was to merge typography, datavis and architecture to convey stories on how public space is changing in Berlin, London and Tokyo.

  • A modular system was used to develop a custom type and visual assets that mimic architectural assets.

  • Each letter represented one data point that touched into themes such as gentrification, urban development, privatisation of public spaces and so on.

  • The magazine was launched in Berlin and is distributed worldwide.

    Photos by Mister Twister

  • “The infographics seek to explore themes that have resulted in massive changes in their respective urban environments, and consequently in our own relationship with these spaces.”

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  • Agency: The Adventures Of / Berlin 2017   Role: Creative Direction & Design   Team: Julia Gröschel, Gustavo Vieira-Dias, Sophie Mayer, Leila El-Kayem