First Hundred Tweets

  • This self-initiated project is a visual study on the overall structure, message and meaning of Trump’s first 100 tweets as president.

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  • Visual exploration led to a simple and bold style – icons and type were designed on the same modular grid.

  • The visual system evolved as more symbols were created.

  • After a detailed breakdown, a series of infographics indicated the elements understood as priorities in Trump’s administration.

  • Visual tweets: the core elements of each message were highlighted and replaced by their equivalent visual symbols.

  • Further exploration converting each tweet into three icons only.

  • In collaboration with a creative technologist, we attempted to use speech recognition to show the icons in realtime.

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  • “First Hundred Tweets is one of the flurry of Trump-related responses interpreting and commenting on the character’s characters.”

    Steven Heller, Print Magazine

  • Agency: KMK Studio / London 2017   Role: Creative Direction & Design